Collins + Wilson | What is an ‘Emerging Brand’?
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What is an ‘Emerging Brand’?

Sep 19 2016

What is an ‘Emerging Brand’?


Every brand at one point or another has to evaluate the impact marketing efforts are making on achieving strategic goals. Whether the business is a startup, going through a rebrand, launching in a new market or adapting to new ownership – brands in these stages attempt to emerge more noticed than before. At Collins + Wilson Communications, our passion is working with what we define as ‘emerging brands.’ While most companies may not consider themselves as emerging, we define the term as any organization who is looking to shake up the status quo. These brands may never want to be #1 in their category (although who doesn’t have aspirations to that?!), but they are businesses driven by the same passion we are: to make a difference through their mission.


We have built our business around partnering with emerging brands because we recognize their need for not only experienced marketing professionals to guide them through this change, but also for developing integrated marketing plans that are customized specifically for their needs. We know each client is different and no two marketing plans will be the same. Each C+W client presents a new set of objectives and challenges that keep our work intriguing and no two days the same.


Additionally, because emerging brands tend to be hyper-focused on their business, they don’t always have the resources for an internal marketing department. As a result, we wear the hats of not only their external partner, but also of an internal employee. Being able to integrate with clients allows our external communications to be knowledgeable and authentic. We live and breathe each brand and know that our success in achieving each marketing goal means their success.


Here is just a sampling of what we can do to help your emerging brand:


  • Public/Media Relations
  • Social Media
  • Website Design/Development
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Thought Leadership


We also know that not every business can devote the time and resources necessary to undertake engaging with a marketing partner OR they already have the internal resources but may need a little more strategic direction. We can help with that too.


Let us know about your emerging brand and let us help your voice be heard louder than your competitors! Contact us here or email